If you want to see a few examples from my copywriting portfolio, then take a look below.

As you’ll see the projects are varied and cover content writing in different styles for many different industries. If there’s a specific style of my writing you’d like to see then get in touch, my portfolio is a real mixed bag!

The Good Body

SEO Content Writing

Working closely with the site’s creator, I regularly write content, including articles, product reviews and blog posts. Researching topics in detail, I check studies to validate statistics and find reputable sources.

I consider SEO requirements throughout my work, however always focus primarily on the authenticity and creativity of the copy.

Visitors to the website are significant, with some articles being read and shared over 1 million times. The Good Body is referenced by a number of high profile websites, due to the quality of the content.

Click here to read more about my work with The Good Body.

Royal Canin

Blog Content

Do you know how to introduce a new puppy or kitten into your family home? I didn’t until I started working on blog content for Royal Canin.

With a focus on offering advice (not forgetting SEO), I researched the topics heavily to write informative guidance to new pet owners.

Working with a marketing agency, I wrote in collaboration with other writers, contributing to a major content marketing plan.


SEO Content Writing

Working on the Australian Hertz website I wrote a number of travel guides for various locations around the world.

I was responsible for thoroughly researching the relevant city, and writing inspiring and interesting SEO content while still maintaining the Hertz tone of voice. It wasn’t just about the sights to see, it was tips for driving in the city and different locations you could reach by car.

It was a large scale project, that I turned around quickly for the marketing agency involved.

Lonely Planet

Journal, Diary and Calendar Content

Working closely with the team at Lonely Planet, I was asked to concept a new look and style of content for their stationery range.

My concept was inspiring quotes about travel and adventure, which was chosen for their 2017 collection. I also proposed a writing journal which was selected to be sold as a part of the range.

I created content to inspire people to incorporate travel and adventure into their everyday lives, through inspiring prose, uplifting journal prompts and original quotes.

90 Degrees

Brochure Content Writing

90 Degrees specialise in built environment marketing. I was commissioned to write a number of brochures for commercial and residential listings.

Working from copious amounts of information, content needed to be concise and enticing, encouraging the reader to book a viewing.

The different projects required in-depth research of the local area, so I could write knowledgeably about the wider experience of living and working in the building.

Elevation Recruitment Group

Blog Content

Managing the marketing function for Elevation Recruitment Group involved a wide range of content work including a full overhaul of the voice of the website as well as magazine advertisements, flyers and blog posts.

I was also responsible for preparing sales presentations that were successful in winning new business.

Recruitment is a seriously competitive industry, and finding a message to break through the noise was a challenge that I enjoyed.

Greeting Cards

Creative Copywriting

Throughout my career I have written greeting card sentiment for Pigment Productions, Woodmansterne, Hallmark and UK Greetings. This has also led to my involvement in gifting collections, journals and games.

I’ve written across all genres from sentimental and meaningful to punchy and humorous, as well as for a number of high-profile licenses such as Disney.

As a conceptual copywriter, I’m regularly asked to generate ideas for concepts and new product ranges. I’m skilled at finding inventive approaches, and applying language trends to create commercial products.


Brochure Copy and Product Sheets

Working with a vast amount of technical information, I wrote the company brochure and a full range of product sheets for Karmelle.

I was also responsible for overhauling the content on the company website, and delivering a friendly yet professional tone of voice for their specialist products.

Research was required for me to understand the intricacies of their range, so I could highlight the key features most effectively.

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  • I’ve enjoyed working with Laura over the last few years, briefing her on a variety of freelance writing projects. She is friendly, professional and has great communication skills, always updating on her progress and happily taking on board any feedback. She is very efficient too, working at speed to ensure she delivers both quality and quantity. A strong,
    diverse writer, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.
    Ruth Turner-Blood
    Writing Studio Director, Hallmark Cards
  • I’ve worked with Laura over a 4 year period on a diverse range of products and brands. She has fearlessly explored many new formats of content rich gifting, journals, games and greetings, regularly finding innovative solutions. From hands-on product development to high level creative problem solving Laura is consistently versatile and reliable.
    A great writer, editor and researcher.
    Martin Powderly
    Creative Director, Pigment Productions
  • With clients in the financial sector, it can be challenging to find copywriters. Laura is a really easy writer to work with, she can take a brief and deliver content that meets the needs of the client.”
    Doug Haines
    Director, Kalium Marketing
  • Laura is fantastic! Our articles rarely need even minor changes and when they do, it’s usually due to a miscommunication which Laura is very patient and understanding about.
    She is a very busy woman but we always get our work on time.
    An absolute pleasure to work with.
    Kerry Macdonald
    Product Research and Development Manager, WEBPRO
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