I’m the freelance copywriter
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An experienced (and friendly) writer who can help with everything from SEO content to creative copywriting.

About Me

Why me?

I have the experience to find the right words to reach your audience, and I’m really easy to work with.

I’m experienced.

With over 10 years of experience in digital, print, radio and television, I know how to write great copy. Hertz, Royal Canin, Lonely Planet and Hallmark are just a few of the companies I’ve worked with.

Whether you’re looking for someone to create content for a brochure, write words for your website, or an SEO copywriter who can help you rank effectively, I can help.

I’m versatile.

I work with agencies looking for freelance SEO copywriting support and business owners who want fresh eyes on their marketing content.

Writing corporate content, technical and complex copy as well as soft and sentimental words, I can flex my style to suit your business.

Throughout my career I’ve developed strong research skills, working hard to understand my client’s business and the right way to communicate with their customer.

I’m here to help!

Based in West Yorkshire, I work for clients around the world and would love to help with your project. I’m really easy to work with and feel proud to have many repeat clients who I’ve worked with since I started my business.

Drop me a message if I can help and I’ll be in touch really soon.


If you’re trying to find the right words for your project, then I can help! I have a varied copywriting skillset, and have written for a wide range of different industries.

Below I’ve summarised the range of services I offer, however if there’s anything not on the list and you need freelance copywriting support, then get in touch.

SEO Copywriting

If you’re looking for an SEO copywriter then I have the experience and creativity to help.

I understand the importance of keywords, internal links and other SEO requirements, without compromising on crisp and clear copy.

Blog Content

Need a blog post? I’ll research your topic thoroughly, both from a content and keyword perspective.

I can write intelligently about your subject, using a voice that reflects your brand and connects with your audience.

Email Marketing

Let me craft a compelling message for your email marketing campaign.

I have success with a range of different businesses, gathering leads and increasing conversions through creative content and a killer subject line!

Social Media Management

Managing a range of social media accounts across different industries, I can write the words you need to engage with your customers.

Gaining followers for my clients is exciting, and I’d love to do the same for you.

Content Strategy

When you’re looking for more than words, I can create a clear content strategy.

Years of experience has taught me how to decide on content types and channels, to help grow your business.

Brochure Copywriting

Creating a brochure is a big job, so let me take care of the copy.

I’ll find the right way to communicate your values, or craft a selling message to make your product a must-have.

Radio, Video & TV Copywriting

Over the years I’ve written many radio and television campaigns, as well as corporate video scripts.

I’ve developed an understanding of the different mediums, and know how to deliver the right message to the right audience.

Creative Copywriting

All copywriting requires creativity, however some projects are more than finding the right words, they’re about finding the concept in the first place.

I’ve worked on many projects as a conceptual copywriter, and I’d love to work with you.

Need a freelance copywriter for your project?

Get in touch and we can discuss what you’re looking for and how I can help.


If you want to see a few examples from my copywriting portfolio, then take a look below.

As you’ll see the projects are varied and cover content writing in different styles for many different industries. If there’s a specific style of my writing you’d like to see then get in touch, my portfolio is a real mixed bag!

The Good Body

SEO Content Writing

Working closely with the site’s creator, I regularly write content, including articles, product reviews and blog posts. Researching topics in detail, I check studies to validate statistics and find reputable sources.

I consider SEO requirements throughout my work, however always focus primarily on the authenticity and creativity of the copy.

Visitors to the website are significant, with some articles being read and shared over 1 million times. The Good Body is referenced by a number of high profile websites, due to the quality of the content.

Lonely Planet

Journal, Diary and Calendar Content

Working closely with the team at Lonely Planet I was asked to concept a new look and style of content for their stationery range.

My concept was inspiring quotes about travel and adventure, which was chosen for their 2017 collection. I also proposed a writing journal which was selected to be sold as a part of the range.

I created content to inspire people to incorporate travel and adventure in to their everyday lives, through inspiring prose, uplifting journal prompts and original quotes.


If you want to learn more about hiring a freelance copywriter, or just need a few tips to get your copy in great shape, then hopefully you’ll find something useful in my blog.

I’m passionate about what I do and also about helping businesses grow by delivering the right messages to their audience, so if you just need a little advice then please do get in touch.

Why do I need a Copywriter?

If you’ve landed on my site then chances are you’re debating whether to use the services of a freelance copywriter. […]

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  • I’ve enjoyed working with Laura over the last few years, briefing her on a variety of freelance writing projects. She is friendly, professional and has great communication skills, always updating on her progress and happily taking on board any feedback. She is very efficient too, working at speed to ensure she delivers both quality and quantity. A strong,
    diverse writer, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.
    Ruth Turner-Blood
    Writing Studio Director, Hallmark Cards
  • I’ve worked with Laura over a 4 year period on a diverse range of products and brands. She has fearlessly explored many new formats of content rich gifting, journals, games and greetings, regularly finding innovative solutions. From hands-on product development to high level creative problem solving Laura is consistently versatile and reliable.
    A great writer, editor and researcher.
    Martin Powderly
    Creative Director, Pigment Productions
  • With clients in the financial sector, it can be challenging to find copywriters. Laura is a really easy writer to work with, she can take a brief and deliver content that meets the needs of the client.”
    Doug Haines
    Director, Kalium Marketing
  • Laura is fantastic! Our articles rarely need even minor changes and when they do, it’s usually due to a miscommunication which Laura is very patient and understanding about.
    She is a very busy woman but we always get our work on time.
    An absolute pleasure to work with.
    Kerry Macdonald
    Product Research and Development Manager, WEBPRO
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